2023 Catch-up…

It’s been a whole year since I posted something! 2023 was full of… …things. Gigs, releases, radio shows, travel and the like. I have a Friday residency in Sitges right now at El Club–down the street from my home. I’m really grateful that Miquelo contacted me about playing. I get to play what I like and it’s a cocktail bar, so I’m not expected to build or maintain a dance floor (though that’s happened a few times.) It’s a great opportunity to play all sorts of things, such as music never intended for dancers or productions I’m still crafting. If you’re around, stop by: El Club c/ Bassa Rodona (fka c/ Espanya), 6 Sitges 08870 23h till late, free entry.

Curtis Audiophile Cafe in Barcelona’s Eixample is like our second living room. Far better sound system and more interesting drinks than we have at home. They have been kind enough to host my birthday gigs for the last few years and this one was no different. I got to play music I love for people I dig and an appreciative crowd. If you haven’t been, stick your head in–music is always stellar. c/ Mallorca, 196 BCN

GEAR UPGRADE! Until late December, I had still been using Serato DJ Pro with the obsolete Rane SL2, which meant I couldn’t update my computer OS either. For some reason, the only place I could find the “replacement,” Reloop Flux, was Cutoff.es! They’re lovely people and I’d forgotten that I’d purchased other gear from them in the past (my first DJ controller by Icon.) It was about 100 less than I’d paid for the original Serato Scratch Live (aka SL1) box that got me started on digital DJing, but does so much more. 3 ins/outs, switches for phono/line inputs PLUS two physical switches for thru on channels 1 & 2. It’s a USB C device, so I was concerned I would need an extra cable since my laptop is configured for USB A–but they included not one, but two USB cables: USB A to USB C and another USB C only cable. This box can be powered by the laptop (expected) or external power, USB C to wall plug–JUST LIKE A MOBILE PHONE! No worrying about getting the right voltage/polarity adaptor, just use your phone cable. Oh, did I mention that it also functions as a USB hub with two USB A outlets? So you can charge your phone while you play and someone else’s (if they’re being cool) OR use additional USB devices! I can also use more current versions of Serato DJ Pro–though I’d already been using stems when playing through a Serato mixer (eg, Pioneer’s S9.)

Gonna do a part two–a whole year is a lot to handle in one post!

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