Unfortunately, Equilibrium Festival was postponed. However, my Swiss trip went as planned: a few days in Geneva, a few days in Basel. The pictures above are of a synagogue I noticed in the center of town and vegetables from a weekly market my friend in Geneva frequents. Shout out to Grenzwert & Klara.

I recorded most of my first session in Basel at Amber Bar, a new spot with a rooftop terrace and great view of the Rhine. Part 1 (above) is jazz-funk, hiphop & acid jazz.

Part 2 (above) gets into the latin bag, some more jazz & funky business and flirts with disco.

Part 3 (above) wraps up the session with various flavors of house, including broken-beat.

Here’s a few pictures of the Swiss countryside taken from the train on my way back to Geneva. Below are more pictures from a previous trip.

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