Turntable Tour!

Tribute to Rap History Biel/Bienne – 1994 by T-Bird on Mixcloud

Today is the first part of my Swiss “Turntable Tour.” 3 nights, 2 cities: Biel/Bienne (Thursday) & Basel (Friday/Saturday.)

The mix above is to commemorate an event I went to many years ago in Biel called “Rap History.” Each event would be themed around a certain year and the music would all be from then.  I always liked the idea and wanted to play one. Unfortunately, they have ended and now they only exist as an idea and organization…

Tonight I’ll be playing the place where it all started for me in Switzerland, Pooc. Tomorrow will be my traditional Friday at Grenzwert (2nd venue I ever played in this country) and Saturday will break new ground at Cafe Singer, a venue new to both me and Basel!

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