Heat from Finland! (Something Else! Radio for 2/17/16)

This show is special!

Most of the show is a guest mix from Finland.  I met Helsinki’s DJ Anna S years ago when she lived in Barcelona.  We have remained in touch and she was kind enough to send me this great set.  I start the show off with the usual intro and Isaac “Red” Holt Unlimited’s version of The (post-Smokey Robinson) Miracles’ “Do It Baby.” After that, it’s all Anna…

Rather than rewriting her DJ bio, I’ll just post it here along with the tracklist and her comments about the session.

Dj Bio:

Head :: Heart :: Feet :: Repeat ::

The two-turntable-tabernacle got a hold of her soul back in 1997.
The years between then and now have seen her hosting a radio show, promoting several clubs in Helsinki.
Looking for the perfect beat up & down the block from house to disco, jazz to funk, latin to afro, guardian of the vibe, music-wise, and keeping people dance happy.
Red Bull Music Academy participant in Sao Paulo 2002.
Gigs outside Finland:
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, U.S, Brasil


The track list:

1. Al Green – Simply Beautiful (Ben Gomori

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