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Thanks to Natia Lee, Guille de Juan and Curtis Audiophile Cafe, I was invited to celebrate the birthday of the culture we know as Hiphop with a DJ set at their spot last Sunday 14 August! Big ups to the man like DJ Kool Herc, the first Hiphop DJ ever. Wikipedia has a page about him if you don’t know the history. Below are some clips from the night courtesy of the hostess.

This Friday 19th of August, I’ll be playing a fun set of “Blacktronica” at Mon Ami Barcelona, a social club at the top of the Born neighborhood.
I’ll definitely be playing some music I’ve been working on, so there will be music you won’t hear anywhere else (yet!)
I’m on from 9 til midnight. If you’re a member, stop by and say “Hello!”

The following Thursday I’ll be warming up for a big event on Friday.
An event at a restaurant run by a former Techno DJ!
El Gringos Gregos was kind enough to invite me to play some records at his spot.
I am honored to accept and season dinner with a bit of T-Bird groove.

The very next night Friday August 26th, I debut at Donna’s (Friday nights in Cabaret at Barcelona Edition Hotel) opening for South Africa’s Esa Williams! It should be a great gig – the location is gorgeous, the sound, visuals and staff are great. My first exposure to Esa was the Boiler Room set below from 2017. While it’s unquestionably dance music, his definition of that term seems to be pretty broad–like mine! Hope to see you soon at one of these gigs!

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