Traveling (again…)

Currently writing from Munich, Germany.  It’s my first time out here and I’m playing for a private event on Sunday. 

Arrived Friday and had a blast going out!  Hung with Dusty from Jazz & Milk who took me to a family-oriented Italian restaurant ro start off.  We were seated next to a few people who seemed to be having a great time.  When they left, one of the men made a point of rapping his knuckles on our table and saying goodnight to us.  Although a bit odd, it was definitely coming from a place of friendliness.  I thought maybe he knew Dusty, but as it turns out he was just being social…  Afterward we went to to hear D2E3 who was PHENOMENAL!!!  The venue is a lot of fun and his music just completed the vibe.

After that we got a kebap (traditional german food–via turkey) and went to hear the man from Kalakuta Soul rip it up at DIE REGISTRATUR.  After a great set of funky-disco-afro-latin-soul
we called it a night and went to the booth to give the DJ his proper respect.  …At which point we were gifted the record you see at the top of this post!

I’ve been informed by the other Chico Alto that I must try Schweinsbraten with
Semmelknoede in a traditional restaurant with a beer garden.  I guess I know what happens tonight..

Switching subjects, it’s been a really busy summer!  We like that and one of the things keeping me busy is more radio shows with Barcelona City Fm!  Deep Tuesdays broadcast live from Bar 68 7-9pm, my usual Something Else! Radio Wednesdays 10pm-12mid and Vibe Select Barcelona Saturdays from 8-10pm with R.D.  Tueday is a house session, Wednesday is eclectic and Saturday is Soul/R&B/Hiphop.

Other upcoming live gigs include:

Sat 20 August @ Bar 68 10pm-3am, Barcelona
Sun 21 August @ Xiringuito Zero 4-9pm, Vilanova
Fri 26 @ Bar 68 10pm-3am, Barcelona 

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