Playing for Todd Terry… …via contest… + Gig in BCN!

Todd Terry
. Proper legend, mostly in the House Music world, but not exclusively. Folks from NYC seem to be more complex, fortunately. Anyway, outside of fans of House his probably most known work is a remix he did for Everything But The Girl (legends of their own, but we’re not getting into that today) and their massive hit “Missing” (click title for original version.) Below is what Mr Terry did that made this ETBG’s first hit…

He’s hosting a contest on Mixcloud for those of us who think of ourselves as DJs who play House. I can be a competitive person so it was like a magnet and paperclip… Below is the set I submitted as my entry.  Enjoy and share with friends!

This Thursday (as always for the last few months) I will be doing my show Something Else! on Radio C/C from 20-22h UTC+1. At the top of this page you can hear some archived shows in the player. After the radio, I have a gig in the center of the city! First there will be a Hiphop/Jazz session at Barcelona’s new venue Candy (c/ Escudellers, 5 Barcelona) with Blu Rum 13 featuring Ray Colom and then I go on to transition into Bunzu’s Afro House sound provided by Bruno M &a Dr Moods. It should be a lot of fun–see you there!

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