Close Enough for Jazz… (Something Else! 4/02/09 on Www.Wtnr

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Following the “Something Else! Intro” we launch into The Detroit Experiment (including legends Marcus Belgrave on trumpet, Bennie Maupin on sax, Geri Allen on keyboard and Carl Craig on production) covering “Think Twice,” originally by Dr. Donald Byrd (The 70s/80s group The Blackbyrds were students of his from Howard University.) Next up is the anthemic “If You’re Out There (T-Bird’s Out House Remix)” by John Legend. Yes, the remix producer on that track is yours truly and I hope you enjoy the track! Thanks to Tortured Soul the next track is “Home To You (DOMU Remix)” with that Domu-istic “broken beat” vibe. If “broken beat” has always been a confusing term for you, now you have a reference. “Make Me Wanna Holler” by Me’shell NdegeOcello is from one of my favorite recording artists who got started in the 90s. Ms. NdegeOcello is also gracing us Barcelonins with a performance tonight! I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it afterward. My good friend Yosaku turned me onto “Tribute To Obabi” by The Last Poets. Unlike most of their material which is poetry accompanied by music (often just drums) this is music with an ocassional vocal chant. A brand spanking new track “World Adrift (Jon Kennedy Remix)” Phuturesonic is your pleasure to hear thanks to my friendship with the remix producer. Very jazzy feel on top of a great drum loop (can you guess what instrument Jon plays?) “Tout Passe (Waajeed Remix)” by DJ Center has a world-influenced Plantinum Pied Piper groove courtesy of headman Waajeed. Makes me curious about future “PPP” productions–they are usually a nu-soul outfit. Dj Center is coming from a reggae-influenced place. I have heard so many tracks that have sampled Herbie Hancock’s re-grooved standard from Head Hunters that it is nice to hear a remix of the actual track! In “Watermelon Man (Kenny Dope Club Mix)” by Herbie Hancock, Mr. Dope picks up the tempo quite a bit. The original version that Herbie did in the 60s was more this speed and his re-make in the 70s (the recording this remix is of) downshifted noticeably… We wrap up with another jazz-funk remix, the recording artist hailing from Brazil this time–“Wait For My Turn (Spiritual South Mix)” by Azymuth. Once again tempos get shifted a bit, but this time within the track–a little more interesting than the standard house remix and all that jazz…

1 thought on “Close Enough for Jazz… (Something Else! 4/02/09 on Www.Wtnr

  1. Wow, that was an hour well spent. Thanks for making the d/l available.

    I rarely listen to current dance music because most of the people who play and mix it seem to forget the origins from whence it came. However, I’ll listen to some anytime when it’s part of a greater whole like it is here.

    Am on a bit of a Me’shell jag lately too, so it didn’t hurt having one of my fave trax in the middle of the hour.

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