Retro Future (Something Else! on Wtnr for 05/26/11)

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I have to admit I’m a huge fan of 70s soul and most things that draw on that sound. As evidence I present our opener “Out of the Sky” by Van Hunt followed by soulful disco classic “Nights Over Egypt” by The Jones Girls. A lot of my friends who are music heads have a great love of 60s soul, but from the 60s i really prefer jazz & latin stuff like the next track “Witch Hunt” by Wayne Shorter and throwback track “El Bantu” by Ray Lugo & Boogaloo Destroyers. It really amazes me how close they are getting to recreating the fun of classic boogaloo these days–that Ray Lugo is off his new Freestyle Records release Mi Watusi. My production partner, Maxey Blaze turned me onto the next producer because of a Fela Kuti re-edit he’d done. I practically flipped out when I heard Joystick Jay’s work on the next track, “Sau Paulo High Society (Joystick Jay Re-Edit)” by Almir Ricardi. What was originally an 80s boogie/disco track became something that bumped enough to mix out of deep house without losing any energy! I’ve been a fan of DJ Cam since the 90s when he was first becoming a name in the acid-jazz/downtempo scene. His newest work features a remix by talented producer Blackjoy who I know because of his huge house track “Untitled” which was remixed by heavies like Kerri Chandler & Solid Groove. I hope you enjoy the soulful track “Swim (Blackjoy Remix)” by DJ Cam feat Chris James. Speaking of soul, there are few who do it better than UK master, Omar. His northerly neighbor Zed Bias (Omar is from London, Zed’s from Manchester) takes Omar’s club smash from a few years ago and flips it all new-style with “It’s So (Zed Bias Remix.)” “My Boots” by Seb Marx is another one of those great tracks that wound up in my email. The Gush Records label contacted me and I really dug the track they sent. I’d liked the original of the next tune, but while looking for music for a wedding I discovered “Nothing But Love (Remode)” by Axwell. I didn’t play it at the wedding, but thought it would work for the show

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