Promos & Copenhagen (Something Else! on Wtnr for 6/16/11)

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So last time I mentioned that I got some records during my trip to Copenhagen… This week’s show is a mix of things I got on that trip plus a number of DJ promos I’ve received recently, so there’s a lot of new music!
Most of the music from Copenhagen is music I used to own, but there’s a few things that were new to me, like the opener “Snapped (Audible Doctor Master Edit)” by Skull Snaps. It is a clever re-edit of the classic break-beat track “It’s A New Day” by Skull Snaps. The next tune is from a new album that was sent to me by Nickodemus recorded by a band he’s been championing for years, The Pimps of Joytime. They are on Wonderwheel Recordings, the label that Turntables On The Hudson compilations have been coming out on since the beginning. The title track, “Janxta Funk” is a great introduction to the new album by The Pimps of Joytime–expect an album review soon. Coming from the Acid Jazz label, “As If (Smoove’s Latin Remix)” by Smoove is another Copenhagen find that was new to me. I love the way he pokes fun at himself and the 90s music scene in his rhymes yet the track doesn’t sound dated! A compilation that I’ve treasured for years is the first volume of Electric Chair, which was selected by Manchester’s Friends & Family resident DJs, The Unabombers. The wide range of material from downtempo, to house to classic funk, soul & disco has kept it in my record box since its purchase ages ago. The Unabombers also make music under the name Elektrons and I was pleased to find the Get Up EP in Copenhagen. The title track is a driving tune with the power to make you *get up.*
Freestyle Records has many tracks that get featured on this show, the one of newest being “The Things” by Randa And The Soul Kingdom. I remember A&R man Greg Boraman mentioning a while ago during a Barcelona visit that their intention was to become more “freestyle” musically–as the name might imply. They are off to a great start on that goal with music in the latin vein from Ray Lugo, afrobeat from Shaolin Astronauts, funky disco-tinged sounds from Randa and the Soul Kingdom, and next on the show, New Orleans flavored jazz-funk from Greg’s own The Fantastics! with “Up Yours.” I still remember years ago being blown away by the clever re-edit that is “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough (AJ Mix)” of Michael Jackson’s classic. Unfortunately, I had a record box stolen on one of my trips to Barcelona before I moved there and this was one of the tracks I lost that was IMPOSSIBLE to find digitally. Imagine how pleased I was to encounter it in Copenhagen! Another find from that same trip is the single of
“Urban Illusion (Cuica City To City Mix)” by Funky Lowlives. I just noticed the other day when glancing at the cover that Nappy G of Turntables On The Hudson is featured on vocals! “Ela” by Curumin is from the new collection Red Hot + Rio 2, in support of the great Red Hot Organization for HIV/AIDS research, expect to hear more from this album. Fela Kuti continues to be a major influence years after his death from HIV/AIDS related illness–there is a Red Hot tribute to him, Red Hot + Riot. Two of his sons have taken up the musical torch, Femi Kuti and younger brother Seun Kuti. Seun took over his father’s last band, Egypt 80, shortly after his father’s death and continues to make music with them, such as “You Can Run” from their newest release From Africa With Fury: Rise. “Boogie No More” by Dorfmeister v MDLA is a clever re-imagining of disco hit “Boogie Oogie Oogie” by Taste Of Honey and naturally has been a dancefloor favorite for several years. “Flair” by La Rochelle takes things in a newer tech-house vein although it’s easy to hear the italo-disco influence from tracks such as Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love.” A promo I received just the other day, “Skankin Riddim (Busta Remix)” by Omegaman gives you a taste of the best dubstep has to offer–fat bass with the pre-requisite “wobble” and other sonic tweaking keeping things interesting, yet danceable. Downshifting for the closer, I dug in the crates literally, finding my vinyl copy of “Dusted (Pressure Drop Remix)” by Leftfield feat Roots Manuva. The original was always a great track and I felt that Pressure Drop turned it up that extra notch…
I’ve still got lots of new music to share and there’s even more from the Copenhagen trip, so who knows what is in store for next time! Enjoy and see you soon.

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