Two Regular Gigs!

So I mentioned I have a new radio gig last time.  Just as before, it’s with Barcelona City Fm.  The time slot is Wednesday night 10pm-12mid (CET/UT+1) and I think the vibe is appropriate to that–gets you over the hump day, but sufficiently night time…  Above the blog posts is the new player that will be updated every week with the new show and is playlist-based, so it will automatically play the older shows later.  These will be uploaded in three parts: the first hour, 1st part of second hour and a short DJ mix to close out hour 2.

Here is the playlist of shows, starting with the most recent:

Second regular gig is called HEAT and I’m working with Lady Shizzle at Surya Pau Claris in Barcelona.  We’re doing monthly Saturdays and mixing it up with house, soul/r&b, latin/global vibes and of course hiphop…  Last time was really fun, so don’t miss the one coming up next month!

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