Part Too… (Something Else! on for 10/29/09)

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After starting with the “Something Else! Intro” we head north to Norway (unless you’re already in Scandinavia) for Bugge Wesseltoft’s “Change” from his New Conception of Jazz: Moving. Appropriately, Bugge is pronounced “Boogie”–this jazz pianist knows his way around a groove! Thanks to Giant Step I’ve been turned onto some great new music by an artist named Somi. I completely fell in love with her track “Rising” on first listen, see what it does for you. If “Le Blues (Original Mix)” by Ingrid de Lambe and “A Go Go” by The Truby Trio sound familiar, it’s because you heard the source material in my previous show (“Tohu Bohu Pt. 1” by Marc Moulin and “Afro Lypso” by Mongo Santamaria respectively.) Speaking of source material, TV show Mission Impossible’s “Danube Incident” by Lalo Schifrin (yes, I’m a fan) was sampled for Portishead’s biggest tune “Sour Times.” If you’re a regular reader you should be familiar with the name Gil Scott-Heron. Along with “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” he also struck gold with “The Bottle.” I remember hearing the next song on the radio in the 80s called “Angel Dust” by Gil Scott-Heron which, as usual, was chronicling a concern in the urban USA–a particularly dangerous and highly addictive drug called angel dust. “Can’t Hardly Wait (Radio Edit)” by N’Dambi isn’t quite so heavy, although it deals with a more common theme–a problematic romantic partner. “Do You Love What You Feel” by Rufus feat Chaka Khan is the last great song I remember by the group before Chaka left for solo success. Turns out it’s produced by the great Quincy Jones (the producer behind Michael Jackson’s biggest albums, Off The Wall and Thriller.) “Look What You’re Doing to Me” featuring Phonte by Jazzanova is further proof of the worldwide impact of soul music. Berliners Jazzanova have gone from sampling and remixing to using more “traditional” instruments (i.e., guitars, pianos, etc.) and writing more classic-style songs. This tune is one of the best off their last album Of All The Things. Giant Step is also responsible for me hearing the music of Trus’ Me, although I knew his reputation as part of the Manchester sound from the 90s/00s thanks to label Fat City. Given that most of the music I heard from that part of the UK was related to the sound of Rae & Christian or Mr. Scruff, I was a little surpised to find this “world music” track “Sweet Mother” by Trus’ Me. It totally fits into my style, so it was a pleasant surprise… “Got A Pulse” by Hint keeps it global for a moment before we slam dunk the funk on the last two cuts “Pushing Against the Flow” by Raw Stylus and “Concrete Boom” by Aquasky (who are usually known for more breakbeat or jungle/drum and bass – type sounds.)

Next week more new stuff and other lovely finds…

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