Diggin’ In the (Library) Crates… (Something Else! on www.WtnrRadio.com for 10/08/09)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Last week I said that Cookin’ On 3 Burners is a trio version of The Bamboos. This is INCORRECT! The only common member between the groups is guitarist Lance Ferguson. Drummer Ivan “Choi” Khatchoyan is busy with other projects as well and organist Jake Mason’s info can be found here .

As always, the “Something Else! Intro” starts off the show before our first “proper tune,” Missy Elliot’s bhangra-beat hit “Get Ur Freak On (Amended Version.)” This tune was part of a musical direction that mainstream urban music took for a while that I particularly enjoyed in the early 00s. Along with hip-hop, dancehall reggae also adopted this sound as evidenced by songs using the “Coolie Riddim” such as “Pull Up” by Mr. Vegas or official remixes like “Dude (Punjabi Hit Squad Remix)” by Beenie Man. By the way, Punjabi Hit Squad have a great show on BBC Radio called “Desi Beats.” While we’re speaking about the UK, the next track “So You Want Morre? feat. Roots Manuva (refix)” by Ty is an English counterpart to the Missy Elliot track. “Rumba Infierno” by La Troba Kung Fú might sound a little familiar to fans of this show–I featured a remix by Toti & Andyloop a few weeks back. Toti is a member of the band, Dj Andyloop and partner in crime Wagner Pa put on Barcelona’s weekly “world music” night called Brazelona Sessions at the famous Sidecar Factory in Plaça Reial (for non-spanish speakers the venue is pronounced See-deh-car — if you say Sidecar, as in English, no-one will know what you’re talking about.) Watch this space for some interesting developments with “Brazelona Sessions…” During the week of free music in Barcelona for the Mercé festival I heard a group from Turkey called Baba Zula. It was fun, free-form-yet-funky “eastern” music (or “oriental” as it is called here.) “Nöbetçi felsefeci” by Baba Zula gives you a taste of this group’s sound. Right after that show I met up with a few Dj friends (Roger C of Joint Sessions & Global Souljah of BBE Radio.) They were hanging out with my new favorite Aussie vocalist, Kylie Auldist. Kylie and I talked about the next song, her cover of Jeff Buckley’s “Everybody Here Wants You.” As promised last week (and by the title of this week’s episode) I am featuring a few more gems from my recent “library digs” here in Sitges. I am quite amazed by some of the wonderful stuff I’m finding in what I think of as a small-town–I’m glad that the cosmopolitan aspects are deeper than I realized. “Music Is Ruling My World” by Kutiman is on a relatively small label called Melting Pot Music out of Cologne, Germany that also is home to Dj Day. While we’re on the subject of surprises, the next one is from Soul Brother #1, James Brown. It seems that there is always some JB that you haven’t heard… “Problems” is a funky cut worthy of the reputation The Godfather has, but it’s a bit obscure. Given the sheer amount of music that James Brown made, there’s always some that fall through the cracks. At the same time that I have been raiding the local library, I’ve also been going thru some vinyl that made the trip with me to Spain and digitizing it. “Re-Return of the Original Artform (Reinterpreted by Cut Chemist)” by Major Force is a fun record that’s been really useful to me in the past and I’m putting it “back in the game…” If I read the label properly, Cut Chemist and another Dj friend did this mix with vinyl & a cassette tape… My Dj friend Sydney Rome has recently relocated from Catalunya to Galicia and left a few treasured vinyl records with me for safe-keeping. A few have tracks that I’d given up during my move to Spain such as the next track “A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays (Disco fever Edit)” by De La Soul. Dj Day recently did a European Tour with another hiphop artist known as Exile. “Melon Bounce” – Daz I Kue vs Exile, is Daz I Kue’s (Bugz in the Attic) remix of Exile’s track “Melon.” “Come Baby” by Jazzy Eyewear, “Sugar (Joey Negro Reprise)” & “Sugar (Joey Negro Dub) by Roy Ayers are all newly digitized deep house 12″ singles of mine leading up to the closing digitized 12”, “Slipstream (Beats & Sub,)” some broken-beat by Spiritual South.

My latest dig included some film soundtracks, so maybe next week’s show will be a little more “tranquil.” You never know, but that’s the exciting part!

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