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Pretty diverse show this week…

The Something Else! Intro sets up rare-groove classic “The Bump” by George Freeman. The next three songs I had the pleasure of hearing live by the artists last week during a wonderful week of music in Barcelona, La Mercé 09. “No Use” by Kylie Auldist is a great “kiss-off” song as indicated by the chorus “I have no use for you…” She poured her soul into it during her performance at Marula Cafe with Cookin’ On 3 Burners, whose “Keb’s Bucket” follows. The band mentioned that this song is done in honor of legendary deep funk dj Keb Darge. An “open secret” is that Cookin’ On 3 Burners is the trio version of Australian funk group The Bamboos. The dj for the Marula show was Flevans who spun his “Flicker” along with many other great hiphop, downtempo and acid-jazz joints. If you don’t already know, the other connection between Kylie Auldist, Flevans and The Bamboos is that they are all artists on the label Tru Thoughts (Cookin’ on 3 Burners records for Freestyle.) It was fun going to a mini-showcase for the label after featuring their music for the last few weeks. “Sign Song” by Buddy Baker is a cover of the Sesame Street standard and a hiphop break for a well-known Beatnuts song. East Africa is known for many things these days including, poverty, political instability and Barack Obama’s African heritage. But among djs it is known for the music, especially the series Ethiopiques. Ethiopiques was first introduced to me as “Ethiopian funk” and a lot of it is exactly that. Some of it is a little murkier than that, which is often more interesting to me, such as “Atawurulegu Léla” by Mahmoud Ahmed. I actually found the “Best of Ethiopiques” at my local library, here in Sitges. I found a few other things of interest as well and will be sharing these with you. Two more titles from my recent “library dig” include Jamaica Funk and New Orleans Funk Vol. 2, both from the great label Soul Jazz, represented by Cedric Im Brooks’ “Silent Force” and “Funky Bell” by Warren Lee, respectively. There is no end of my love of UK beats, for me “Loop Dreams (Grand Central Mix)” by Aim is a 90s classic. Something a bit newer is “The World Is A Beat” by N’Dambi who is usually doing something interesting. We close up the show with a few more related tracks “Playa Playa” by D’Angelo, from his sophomore effort Voodoo and “Silent Treatment” by The Roots from their major label debut Do You Want More??!! Both acts are related by a “supergroup” referred to as the Soulquarians that D’Angelo, some members of The Roots, Erykah Badu, the late J Dilla and others are a part of. If the drums sound similar between these two songs, it’s because Questlove (leader/drummer for The Roots) is on both of them…

Enjoy and next week expect more Sitges Library beats!

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